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There will be no party tonight as we are out of town at a competition.

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How much you choose to invest in your dance training is entirely up to you!
We operate on an a la carte system. This means you pay for each lesson, class or party as you take it.
There are no hidden costs, contracts, or membership requirements.


Friday Night Dance Party: $ 10.00 per person  This includes the group class at 6:45 before the party.

Group Class: $12.00 per single,  $18.00 per couple; $100.00 per single, $150.00 per couple, for a 10 class "punch" card.

Private Lesson: $75.00 for each 45 minute lesson;  $350.00 for a series of 5 privates;  $650.00 for series of 10 privates

Introduction to Ballroom Package: $195.00. Includes: 3 Private Lessons, 2 Group Classes, 1 Practice Party
Please Note: This package is for first-time students, and can only be purchased once.

Orientation Lesson: $25.00 for a single or couple. This is a 45 min private lesson for first-time students to try out dancing.

Black Friday Specials


 Below is a list of the Black Friday Specials offered this year. You can follow the link on each to go directly to the package you wish to purchase, or visit the gift card page to see them all at once.  You are always welcome to call if you have any questions.


Dance Party    $50

 This Gift Card is for 5 dance parties of your choice. When redeemed you will receive a "punch" card which can be used for all Friday Night dances, monthly Tea Parties and monthly Saturday Country western parties. This includes the group classes held before any party.  Purchase page     


3 Month Pass   $360

This pass includes all group classes, dance parties and workshops from January 1st 2023 until March 31st 2023.

There are 13 weeks in that time period. If you attended all events available you would typically pay....

13 Groups at $15 = $195

13 Parties @ $15 = $195

3 Tea Parties @ $15 = $45

3 Country Parties @ $15 = $45

3 Workshops @ $25 = $75

For a total value of $545  if you attend one more group (the Tues tech or level down for practice) you add $195 to the value

for a grand total of $740 value at a cost of $360!

Purchase page


Medium Private Lesson Package    $250

 This Gift Card is for 5 private lessons scheduled with either Louise or Sam at your convenience. (Limit 2 per couple)

Purchase page


Large Private Lesson Package   $450

This gift card is for ten private lessons, and can only be used with Louise. (Limit one per couple!)

Purchase page

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Ballroom Basics 

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Destination Country

join us at the Silver Spur

rescheduled to March 25th


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No group, party 2-4

Sunday, March 12th

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