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Wedding Dances

First Wedding Dance
Offering assistance in the Waterville Maine area for your first dance, father-daughter/mother-son dance or just a fun group lesson for the whole wedding party.

First Dance

One 45 minute private lesson will cover your entrance, the basic step,  a final "dip" and your exit.  Additional lessons will add more patterns, suggestions on sequences and polishing the whole presentation.

We recommend taking your lessons at least 3 or 4 months before your wedding date.  Learning ahead of time allows you to practice and become comfortable on the dance floor. We have found students learning closer to the wedding date are less successful due to the crunch of wedding details and scheduling issues.

If you have chosen your first dance music please let us know the title and artist when you schedule your lesson. 

Father-Daughter / Mother-Son Dances

Similar to the "first dance" for the wedding couple. You will learn the basic pattern for the music you will be dancing to. We will also look at entering the floor and a twirl to end the dance.

Wedding Party

Reserve a date and time for your entire wedding party to learn the two most used social dances. They will learn a base swing dance including 2 turns and a slow rumba with 1-2 variations.  Then watch them have fun at your reception.

Wedding Packages

First Dance - First Lesson  $25

1 - 45 minute private lesson

Basic Social $180

3  -  private lessons

Social Sequence $300

5 - private lessons

Choreographed Routine $550

10 - private lessons

These are the most popular combinations,  a personalized package to suit your needs can be created.

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